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Video length 53 seconds Sand artist brings shorelines to life in the most amazing way. And as always, I will see you in cyberspace. Mar 18, Samantha rated it it was amazing. What would you do if one day you found out your day was talking to another women, sneaking out with her on dates, and sending love emails?

This is a realistic fiction book and I loved every minute of this book. This book makes you laugh out loud and maybe cry a few happy tears. This setting is usually home at Frankies house. Frankie is also have school problems when she doesn't get the role she wanted in the play Miracle worker. I though this book was very interesting. I liked how Frankie tried so hard to get Ayanna out of her fathers life but in the long run she realizes that maybe change id good.

Reading this made me think a lot about accepting everyone things won't always go the way want so sometimes we have to just learn to go along with it and accept it. Through the entire book i felt mad and sorry for Frankie because she had to find out about Ayanna through a family email and i think it hurt Frankie more that her dad didn't tell her about it so understood her pain and reasoning for her actions.

I give The naked mole rat letters a 10 because while reading you get to learn a valuable lesson that everyone needs to understand. I recommend to every teenager who might be going through the same issue because it might really help them with what there going through I would know because a year ago my step dad left and my mom started talking to someone knew i did everything to find who it was I finally found out it was and hated his guts but as days turned into weeks and weeks turned it months I final learned to just accept the fact that she is happy with this person and I'm happy if she's happy.

View 2 comments. Sep 10, Evely rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: evrybody who likes fiction books. This book is about a girl named Frankie she lives with her dad and her two little brothers. The letter said that she had a wonderful dinner that night and that she specially loved the kiss. Then she remembered the day when her father told her and her brothers that he was going to a conference in Washington D. Then she realizes that Ayanna lives in Washington D. She got really mad because her father had never lied to her and he only lied because of Ayanna.

Another example, he also lied about a chair that he was making. Frankie once found a chair in the basement and when she asked him who that chair was for he said that the chair was for nobody special. From that they on she began getting low grades and she behaved bad at school and she began writing letters to Ayanna making her believe that it was her dad.

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She wrote a letter to Ayanna saying that her dad was getting married. She began doing these things because her mother died when she was still little and she didn't want anybody to replace her mom. This book thought me a lesson. The lesson that this book thought me was that you should always tell the truth about everything. Sometimes is hard to admit something, but if you don't then you'll lie forever.

Also because when you lie everybody around you gets affected even you family! Apr 11, Sarah Holland rated it liked it Shelves: childrens-realistic-fiction Personal Response: This book captured a lot of components of modern life. The narrator's mother passed away and she had no one to turn to. Many, including myself, have experienced loss or loneliness and this book helps with ways in which to cope: who to turn to and acknowledging the emotions involved are normal.

Purposes -read independently: Students could read this independently as they do journal activities. It would be great for students to read this for the message it gives. It is very relatab Personal Response: This book captured a lot of components of modern life. It is very relatable in one way or another to student's lives.

Unlike the journaling done in conjunction with "Clementine", this would be more extensive and require higher level writing skills. I would require students to not only journal daily feelings and events, but also comment on how they feel about "The Naked Mole-Rat Letters" through critical literary analysis.

Additionally, this book could be used in a computer class when students learn how to e-mail. The email format was largely used throughout the book when Frankie emailed "the mole-rat lady" who also happens to be her dad's love interest. Loss and loneliness are prevalent. Frankie is afraid of a woman replacing her dead mother, so she learns to deal with the future while battling with her past. Age Level This book is appropriate for students in grades The nuances surrounding the theme and conflict would be better grasped by this age group than a younger one.

Mar 31, Maria rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens-realistic-fiction. Personal Reflection: How can a young girl possibly express herself in a household absent of her mother and filled only with her father and two brothers? This is a wonderful story that explains true feelings almost every young girl has to deal with growing up, and it is written so with humor and thorough thought.

The books doesn't reveal too much about the young girl's life and what happens after the climax, but provides enough information to understand the emotion of the book through diary entrie Personal Reflection: How can a young girl possibly express herself in a household absent of her mother and filled only with her father and two brothers? The books doesn't reveal too much about the young girl's life and what happens after the climax, but provides enough information to understand the emotion of the book through diary entries.

This book is geared towards 5th-6th graders, for it's eventful and the amount of characters can be difficult to follow for a younger student. Purpose: Read-aloud or read-to-self for 5th-6th grade. This book could be used as a good lesson on diversity and not being judgmental to your classmates and peers. Students could point out which spelling is the correct one. If you recommend it then the student is sure to like it.

Apr 14, Cierra Garrison rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-s-realistic-fiction. Personal reaction: When I was younger, this would've been a book I would have absolutely adored!! Upon finding this out, Frankie is bound and determined to put a stop to it.

Books written in this type of style were always my most favorite because I felt like I was really connecting with the character and what I was reading was real. I really, really enjoyed this book but it's definitely much better suited for girls than boys! Purpose: This is a book I would give to a student if I knew they were dealing with something similar to Frankie in regards to her father showing interest in someone that isn't her mother.

This is an issue that unfortunately many students will have to deal with. After they had finished the book I would have a talk with them about what they learned from it. In the book, towards the end, Frankie learns that Ayanna is not all bad, and that she could actually see herself liking and opening up to her.

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I would try and explain to the student that things are not always as they seem. Just because something is new and different doesn't necessarily mean that its bad or wrong. Sometime you just have to open up to new opportunities. Apr 13, Aryana Ahmad rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-s-realistic-fiction. Personal Reaction: How far can one go with lying and sneaking until they are caught?

I personally like this book and read it when I was a child. I think this is a very good book, but it takes a while to get interesting.

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But, overall it was a good book and worth the read. It is really good especially when it gets to the climax of the story.

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I would definitely recommend this book. It could be a story t 1. It could be a story to read aloud in a classroom setting or a student reading it in their own time. Students that would be interested in this book could be children that can relate to the situation of only having one parent around. And how children that are around the age of 12 would react to it. Some literary elements that can be taught is conflict- when she has to deal with her dad liking "Ratlady" or even when it's her fault she lost her brother, or burnt down the house.

Characterization can be taught really well from this story, for instance Frankie changes so much throughout this story. When she starts emailing Ayanna "Ratlady" she does all these wrong things by lying, cheating, not doing her homework, or helping with her siblings. She changes because of the stuff "Ratlady" teaches her throughout the emails they send one another. Showing a dynamic character going from immature to mature. Diverse perspectives: This story could be used in a classroom setting to teach students about how lying can catch up to you.

No matter how far you go with lying you eventually will get caught. Feb 17, Sonia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: All my friends, daughter and their friends. Shelves: kids. Blue cover. Title in pink. A writer called Mary Amato; I had never heard of before. A weird looking hairless rat on the cover. Looked like a book that had to be a winner or a complete bore. I thought it may turn out to be some weird fantasy tale with some kid talking to some creatures called Mole-Rats. Since so many books for children these days are in the fantasy genre, this seemed to be a good possibility.

However, I was glad to be proven wrong. Of a friendship that blooms between a woman and a girl over email and the right push it gives the girl even though the relationship is so tenuous. Of a father and daughter relationship when the mother is no more and hearts are in the right place. Of the tussle between deciding what is right and what is wrong at that delicate age between being a child and an adult.

Thought he cultural context is different, it is easy to identity with different parts of the story and especially with Frankie Wallop. I am sure all young girls will absolutely love this book. While all grown up women will find the young girl within themselves and identify with the emotions.

Apr 14, Zahava Davis rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-realistic-fiction. Personal response: An easy and entertaining read meant for upper elementary It really touches on a very relevant issue of dealing with losing a parent and gaining a new one. And the mole-rat pulls away from it, making it less of an in your face type of situation. The entire story is revealed through emails and diary entries, which I actually loved. A fairly predictable story, but one with solid relationships and refreshing characterizations.

Purpose: Read aloud- This would be a great book to Personal response: An easy and entertaining read meant for upper elementary Purpose: Read aloud- This would be a great book to start off the school year showing that all students have unique situations, but everybody can relate to everybody else in some way or another. Potentially if there is death in any of the unit doubtful it could be pulled in for that.

It can be a struggle at that age and could cause acting out in the classroom and a book like this could slowly help a student get a grasp on it. This book is a humorous look at honesty and privacy that will have special relevance for readers whose parents are back in the dating pool. Literary elements- The vocabulary is not too difficult in this book, but the concept behind it can be what is challenging. I think it would help build contextual understanding for students over time. Also, analyzing alternative ways of structuring a plot with the diary entries could open up a new realm of possibilities at this age level.

Apr 14, Libby Erwood rated it it was amazing Shelves: realistic-fiction. This book follows a young girl Frankie and her quest to stop her father and a naked mole-rat zookeepers email relationship that she comes across on her fathers email.


I really liked how this book was written in a diary entry style, this makes it so much more relatable to young children and makes the reading go fluidly, easily being able to form mental pictures and truly feel what Frankie i The Naked Mole-Rat Letters by Mary Amato was a great read and I think any young child would love this book! I really liked how this book was written in a diary entry style, this makes it so much more relatable to young children and makes the reading go fluidly, easily being able to form mental pictures and truly feel what Frankie is thinking and feeling.

Amato made it very easily to be able to relate to Frankie and take a walk in her shoes, which captivates students more than almost anything. This book could be a good read for a child who is going through obstacles similar to Frankie. Whether that is divorce, a cheating parent, dealing with a tiresome younger brother; many different themes can be pulled from this book. This book could also be related back to the old saying of "don't trust a book by its cover". Even though Frankie initially despises Ayanna and thinks that she is just set out to ruin her family, she then realizes she is actually a good person and Frankie could see a potential friendship with her.

Children's home lives always play a key role in their school lives, it is hard for them to mask their feelings or things that they are going through. A book such as this one is cool because it shows the way a child would actually deal with issues, even if they aren't always the most logical.

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I definitely think The Naked Mole-Rat Letters could find a place in many different classroom environments! Feb 06, Sps rated it liked it Shelves: middle , elem , character , story. A familiar type of book kid interferes with her single parent's romantic plans but done so winningly.

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