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She also talks with infectious glee about students, friends and colleagues. This is clearly someone who loves to work collaboratively, as so many of her joint-authored books demonstrate. The eldest child in a household where dinner guests in the s and early 60s included people like Aldous Huxley and C. Was there any sign yet of the budding historian? Lisa remembers borrowing history books from the Boots Library as an adolescent, but points out that, in the Bronowski home, everything was fair game: history, literature, languages, politics, the sciences and the arts.

All these came together when, having stumbled slightly in maths, she transferred to English for Part II and went on to do a PhD on the writings of that archetypal boundary-crosser, Francis Bacon.

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A committed socialist, Jardine became secretary of the university Labour Club, and found links between her political and intellectual worlds in the inspired radicalism of Raymond Williams, whose advocacy of a more democratised culture shone through Culture and Society and The Long Revolution. Her intellectual centre of gravity as a young academic was 16th-century Humanism, and many of her early articles are formidably learned, calling upon sources in French, Italian and Latin.

She was officially a Lecturer in English. But what interested this working mother with a strong socialist-feminist conscience was the politics of the texts she read. Thus, in Still Harping on Daughters , Jardine tried to draw out the underlying relations of power and gender in the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.


Some of these themes recur in a later series of essays published as Reading Shakespeare Historically. Fiercely independent-minded, at times combative, Jardine already felt herself to be part of an international community of like-minded scholars. I suspect Lisa Jardine would be rather a fun person to cross swords with. For nearly fifteen years, Jardine has been at Queen Mary. From here, she has produced a torrent of books which — alongside a busy subsidiary career as broadcaster and reviewer — have brought her name to a wider audience than the young researcher into the textual arcanae of Erasmus could ever have imagined.

In some ways, Jardine appears to have re-invented herself. Her biographies of Bacon, Wren and Hooke, like her studies of the Renaissance and of the scientific revolution, may be substantial works of scholarship based on original textual research. But all are distinguished by an easily readable narrative style, the scholarship and the residual politics worn lightly. Cork P85 TX Recommended email address for your comments: APC agriculture. Here is a template for a letter of objection, kindly provided by the Castletownshend Rowing Club.

You may wish to change it in ways which better express your own opinions. Death Announcement at RIP. The key attributes that made up his persona — wisdom, integrity, compassion and courage — were evident throughout his life, not only to us his children but also to everyone who knew him. My father was always someone who people went to for advice. He had an uncanny knack of not only being interested in any kind of difficult situation or challenge but of putting himself in the position of the person concerned, understanding the scale of the challenge and what might be done about it.

This mind-set was routinely applied to all kinds of situations throughout his life, but perhaps was best evidenced by the way he used the experience gained during his last Army posting at the RCB in Westbury to help so many young people, particularly from this area, to gain enough self-confidence and self-belief to do themselves justice when being interviewed for university. He was appointed by a number of prominent independent schools to visit the school and give individual instruction and coaching sessions to sixth formers, and the fact that these appointments lasted for so long a is a testament to how effective they were.

Indeed, the letters which my mother has received from so many people, now not so young, of the help, encouragement and support that he provided bears testimony to this tremendous quality of his. Of course, we as a family have all gained as well from his wisdom. Then came more wise moves — perhaps one of the best was using a couple of unexpected family bequests to invest in his beloved Castletownshend — the first of these being in with the purchase of Seashell Cottage, the scene of some wonderful holidays for his children in particular during the heady days of the s, and the second in when he was wise enough to invest in a ruin overlooking the harbour, which he and my mother transformed and named Cashelmara — which translates as a pile of rocks by the sea —which then heralded a further remarkable era during which he and my mother presided over the most wonderful holidays with their seven grandchildren.

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He always encouraged us to form our own opinions about everything and was quite happy not to agree with all of it — indeed he actively encouraged the development of other points of view. That being said, he had no expectations about his children and always respected the choices that we made, even when he had no experience of what we wanted to do. For example, he always encouraged Pippa into going into medicine while never, thankfully, expecting me to follow in his footsteps as a soldier! He dealt with the situation with an absolute minimum of fuss, ensuring that the party continued on and that the people concerned left quickly without leaving any impression on the event.

It really was a masterpiece of diplomacy that was so typical of him. So all through our lives, through all the ups and downs as our personas have evolved, my father has always been there for us, always interested, always caring, always doing everything he could to help. Away from the family, it was another wise decision to accept the offer to take on the challenging task of redesigning the entire interviewing process for selecting Conservative MPs, as he proved his ability to overhaul the existing system so well, and so thoroughly that even Mrs Thatcher approved — quite an achievement!

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Having been brought up at Winchester to question widely held social assumptions, my father had exactly the right mind-set not only to challenge the existing orthodoxy but to suggest an alternative strategy that was not only workable and effective but also persuasive enough to convince the powers that be that it was going to work. Like his own father, he was as straight as a die when it came to his dealings with all who he came across. He was a man who could be absolutely guaranteed to be absolutely true to his word.

We always trusted him. We always believed him. We knew he would always deliver. Perhaps this aspect of his character was brought out most strongly during his long tenure as Commodore of the South Cork Sailing Club from to During this time the club, which had seen its numbers reduce a little during the s, went from strength to strength as, in partnership with the redoubtable Robert Salter-Townshend, more and more members joined, the procedures were simplified, and the social activities vastly improved.

It was a wonderful time for the club as between them my father and Robert oversaw the transformation from Anglo-Irish institution into a modern Irish holiday club, with those in charge able to communicate effectively with all members, old and new. He cared.

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About people. About issues. About the things he believed in. We in his family have always felt it when times were tough; where other parents might have been tempted to be judgemental and critical, he never was. He just felt for us deeply and was always looking for solutions to our trials and tribulations rather than any recriminations. As well as Ireland, My father cared deeply about this wonderful part of Hampshire.

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He was always to the forefront in promoting and protecting the integrity of Greywell as a village and felt passionately about the danger of over-development. Although he was always pragmatic enough to realise the inevitability of change, he was determined that the wonderful character of Hampshire village life should be preserved as far as possible and that change should be blended in gradually rather than all at once.

Desert Wind. The most dangerous elements of today's world-international terrorism, geopolitics, diplomatic intrigue, secret nuclear weapons, and The most dangerous elements of today's world-international terrorism, geopolitics, diplomatic intrigue, secret nuclear weapons, and a global oil crisis-are stirred into a brew that threatens global peace and security. A shadowy terrorist mastermind conceives a plot to reshape and dominate the Ghosts Of Gettysburg. Ghosts of Gettysburg: Walking on Hallowed Ground is a keep-you-up-all-night book from real life master Ghosts of Gettysburg: Walking on Hallowed Ground is a keep-you-up-all-night book from real life master ghost hunters Drs.

Dave and Sharon A Hateful Wind. Although he has now chosen to only work part-time for the Department of State, counter-terrorist Although he has now chosen to only work part-time for the Department of State, counter-terrorist operative Bruce McGowan continues to debate himself whether it is time to abandon the action life he has lived for over thirty years and finally In the Shadow of the Wind.

It is in the stolen Creek Indian lands of the southeast. Caleb McElroy, a Caleb McElroy, a white man of sixteen, riding on a wolf hunt in the snow, discovers Six Deer, a young Creek Indian near death on his vision quest. Life Goes On. Life Goes On is a book of poetry with a mixture of a short story Life Goes On is a book of poetry with a mixture of a short story and radio play.